Easy to Use Mobile Phones

Big button mobile phones for the elderly, less able, hard of hearing, partially sighted and people with limited dexterity or for people who simply want a mobile phone that just makes and receives calls without all the fancy gadgets and gizmos, no cameras or mobile internet here.

NEW - Binatone BB200 Big Button Mobile Phone - Only £50.21 Ex VAT inc. FREE Desktop Charger


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                     Binatone BB200 Mobile         Amplicom M4000              Amplicom M6000                   


 Doro Phone Easy 332       Doro Phone Easy 410      Doro Handle Plus 334


Doro Handle Plus 326i        Amplicom M5010         

Doro Phone Easy 341          Doro Phone Easy 409           Bea-Fon S20                              

Doro Phone Easy 338          Doro Phone Easy 345         Bea-Fon S50 Mobile

Binatone Speak Easy Plus Mobile Phone - FREE Desk Charger & SAVE £14!

Welcome to the Easy To Use Phones Sale!!! we have reduced prices across our range of big button easy to use phones.

Introducing the New Binatone BB200 Easy to Use Button Mobile Mobile Phone. A new and improved version of the already hugely successful Binatone Speakeasy Plus Mobile Phone

Introducing the new easy to use big button mobile phone from Bea-Fon the Bea-Fon S20. An easy to use with limited dexterity big button mobile phone.

The Binatone Speakeasy big button mobile phone comes with a FREE desktop charger and is is now only £40.00 ex VAT Saving £14!! The Binatone Speakeasy is the Ideal present for your loved ones.

The Amplicom M5000 mobile phone has been reduced to £64.68 ex VAT Saving £24!! and the Doro Phone Easy 342 mobile phone is now £58.72 ex VAT saving £40!!

Introducing the new Binatone Speakeasy Mobile

Introducing the Binatone Speakeasy big button mobile phone, Matobmobile are proud to announce the availability of the new Binatone big big button Speakeasy Mobile Phone.

The Speakeasy big button mobile phone represents a price break through for a big button easy to use yet functional mobile phone

The Binatone Speakeasy mobile has big buttons, a large easy to read screen, is hearing aid compatible, sends and recives SMS textmessages and has loud handsfree speaker

At only £59.99 inc VAT it is our best value big button mobile yet.

Binatone understands that Senior citizens need a mobile which is very easy to use without the gadget features but with direct keys and some specific features related to them, with big buttons with 3 memory buttons to pre-set and more the Speakeasy Mobile is an ideal mobile phone for the elderly.


Introducing the new Easy to Use Amplicom Range of Big Button Phones

Introducing the Amplicom range of big button, loud, hearing aid compatible home and mobile phones.

Home and mobile phones that are ideal for people hard of hearing, partially sighted and less able. Loud and clear easy to use fully functional home and mobile phones. Big button easy to use mobile, cordless DECT and desk phones.

The first and only range of products that contain an induction coil built into the handset making them fully hearing aid compatible.    

Discontinued / Superseded Easy to Use Phones


                 Doro Handle Easy 328      


                    Doro Handle Easy 330                  Easyproject Easy5                   Emporia Life  Plus

Introducing the new Easyproject Easyuse Phone

We are exited to announce the availability of the new enhanced version of the ITT Easyuse Phone, now re-branded Easyproject Easyuse. The Easyproject Easyuse still has it's same simple basic functions and ease of use.

The Easyproject Easyuse now features a rubberised soft touch black finish or classic sil
ver, ideal for easy gripping and using on a flat surface. The Easyuse now receives SMS text messages, allowing messages to be sent to elderly or the vulnerable if required.

This basic mobile phone has easy to see and read big buttons with contrasting fonts. An Ideal mobile phone for the partially sighted, the elderly or those just requiring a simple basic mobile phone that doesnt have the unnecessary complicated features.

The Easyproject EasyUse is available at the same low price of £99.99 inc VAT on Pay As You Go. Alternatively we can now offer the Easyproject Easyuse for free on contract with Orange. For more information please call 0845 2177712 or select a phone from above.


Introducing the all new Emporia Life Plus

Following the success of the Emporia Life, Emporia have created the Emporia Life Plus, the latest easy to use mobile phone specifically designed for the elderly, hard of hearing, partially sighted.

After recent launch of the Emporia Life plus in the UK by AH Distribution we are now taking orders for the Emporia Life Plus and shipping the week beginning the 23rd June.

The Emporia Life Plus is an new version of the Emporia life, it has a new high quality brushed aluminum finish, a new slider mechanism and is thinner,in addition to a super loud handsfree speaker and emergency SMS, making the Emporia Life Plus even easier to use, whilst maintaining it's big buttons and large display and emergency panic features.

The Emporia Life Plus is the most comprehensive of our easy to use mobile phones, it supports text messaging and a 200 number phone book as well as big buttons and a very large easy to read display, it has a unique programmable emergency feature and the Emporia Life Plus is hearing aid compatible. Designed in Austria by Emporia the Emporia Life Plus Mobile phone is ideal for the elderly, hard of hearing or partially sighted. Giving peace of mind, accessibility and freedom.

The ITT EasyUse mobile phone is a very simple basic mobile phone with big buttons and an easy to read display, the EasyUse mobile phone literally just makes and receives calls, and has 4 programmable speed dial buttons for easy calling and can store 50 numbers. The EasyUse mobile phone has a unique white on black display which makes it very easy  read. Giving you the freedom to call any number you want with ease and simplicity.

The ITT Easy 5 mobile phone is the simplest mobile phone available. It has five big programmable big buttons and thats it, it comes with a neck lanyard for hanging around your neck. You just store the five numbers you want to be able to call as contacts named 1-5 on the SIM card using another phone. Then when the SIM is in the Easy5 the five buttons will correspond to the five stored contacts. The Easy5 is perfect for receiving calls too, it has a very loud hands-free speaker.

All our easy to use mobile phones are unlocked and work on all networks, you can use your existing SIM card or you can choose a free Pay As You Go SIM card in the shop when your order a and easy to use mobile phone.

About EasyToUsePhones

We are one of the UK's leading specialists in accessible mobile technology. We supply easy to use, simple mobile phones, all of our mobile phones have large big buttons and easy to read displays.

All our mobile phones are specifically designed for ease of use and accessibility. We have mobile phones suitable for the blind, the hard of hearing, the partially sighted, the disabled and the elderly.

    All our easy to use mobile phones are unlocked and work on all networks, you can use your existing SIM card or you can choose a free Pay As You Go SIM card in the shop when your order a and easy to use mobile phone.

If you have any questions or need any help please email support@easytousephones.com or call 08444 994524